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Grow Pro aims to spearhead a revolution in gardening, commencing at the grassroots level within the UK's local communities. Our mission is to provide guidance and empower individuals, ranging from beginners to seasoned professionals, ensuring ongoing success in their gardening pursuits.

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Plant Database

Information about 1000's of plants, including their characteristics, optimal growing conditions, and care requirements.

Detailed insights into each plant's growth habits, water and sunlight needs, and compatibility with other plants.

Empower you to make informed decisions and foster a deeper understanding of the plants you cultivate.

Garden Planner

Garden Planner

Design your outdoor spaces according to your preferences and specific requirements.

Experiment with different layouts, plant arrangements, and colour schemes, ensuring that your design reflects your personal style and meets their aesthetic goals.

Plan for efficient water usage, space utilisation, and seasonal considerations.

Task Reminders

Task Reminders

Provide you with timely and personalised guidance for caring for your plants.

Receive alerts for essential tasks such as watering, fertilising, pruning, or pest control based on the specific needs of your plants.

Apply your newfound knowledge to your ongoing growth and expertise in gardening. Stay on top of crucial gardening activities and promote healthier and more vibrant plant growth.

What else?

Help us design this revolutionary new app by taking part in our survey. Your answers will directly feed into how we build Grow Pro.

Are you a budding gardener about to start your journey?

Our brand new Grow Pro app will launch in Summer 2024 and we're looking for early adopters to start using it when we launch. If you're interested in getting early access drop your email address below.

“Grow Pro can start a "gardening revolution"

Our purpose is to mentor and enable everyone from the novice to the established professional to achieve continual success throughout their Growing and gardening endeavours.

We have identified that information about gardening/ allotments and crop farming is being forgotten due to the modern ways of living.

Information is not being passed down from generation to generation as it has done in the past. The information does exist, however is not centralised and is time-consuming to find from multiple sources.

This can mean lots of mistakes are made which can be costly, e.g. loss of plants. The solution is our proposed mobile app that will provide centralised information with a personalised approach allowing the re-discovery of this information for the layman or professional gardener.

There are worldwide applications for this App for anyone looking to grow plants in a flat, balcony, garden, allotment, or smallholding. From looking at currently available apps, there is no 'one-stop shop' that is user-friendly and allows a personal design element.

Meet the Team

Name Chris Burden, Founder & CEO

With a background in the Forces, Chris Burden runs his own successful consultancy within construction. He is a passionate amateur gardener and understands the difficulties gardeners face first hand. Grow Pro was born from his need to help manage his physical and mental health due to injurys sustained in service.

Name Jack Bull, Marketing & Business Development

Jack Bull has held several senior positions in the British Armed Forces. Throughout his career he has experience of presenting complex ideas and data to high ranking individuals and running million pound budgets for the UK Counter Terrorist Unit. Jack is a keen gardener and is passionate about bringing a revolution to gardens all over the world.

Name Tom Warren, Product & Design

Tom Warren has over 12 years experience in product development, user experience design, web design and building apps. He has worked for large organisations (Ticketmaster, Ipsos Mori) and small/medium tech startups. In his last role he co-founded a B2B startup business and helped grow the company to receive £3m VC funding in 2021.

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